Sunday, February 24, 2008

Looks like rain and maybe some snow for Southwestern parts of the area! Sunny day now gonna turn cloudy!

Today was supposed to be all sunny, but a disturbance is headed into the southern parts of the region and will likely bring a cloudy afternoon and maybe some rain to the south. I could see it eeking out some snow showers in the higher terrain as the upper levels are cold enough.
 In northern areas that stay sunny, the temps will jump to the mid and upper 40s, in the south, with clouds, 40s will also be the rule!

Tomorrow looks quite mild with highs in the 50s and maybe approaching 60 in the south.

Freezing rain will be possible in valley locations tomorrow night. Rain is the most likely outcome through much of Tuesday with  very windy afternoon and colder temperatures through th rest of the week. As of now, I am not seeing another system on the horizon. It is possible that could change for next weekend.

All for now!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Storm over!

This ended up as I had thought yesterday when I posted about there not
being much moisture.

Things will improve after a dreary start saturday. Temperatures will
remain at or below normal through next week. Rain looks likely monday
night through tuesday. The next chance of precip after that could come
next weekend.

All for now.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Winter weather thoughts this mornind

Winter storm watch remains. Feel more areas may be under advisory
criteria (>4" snow or >.25" of ice) than thought. True winter storm
criterea for ice would be southwestern VA and some MD areas near the
PA border. Smaller amounts of precip elsewhere will lead to a lower

Still early so keep checking for updates.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Storm Watches are up. Messy Mix for Friday into Saturday!

The national weather service has come out with Watches and this looks like a long term icing event starting as snow most areas tomorrow night. The surface cold will mean that the warming taking place aloft will not make it to the surface so Ice will become a dominant type. this will be especially true west of I-95, but MOST areas could see an ice storm before warming.

There are still details to be concerned about. Some models show less precipitation than others. If the less precip pans out, advisory criteria (icing less than .25"would more the likely outcome)

Now, I am thinking that the combination of Ice and Snow will be enough for the storm and we will all need to watch this.

Break down:
I-95 and east - Advisory criteria
I-95 and West - Winter Storm

Snow 1-4" (more western slopes and near PA border)
Ice will be an issue through most of Saturday.

All for now.

Winter returns

Winter has come back and we could see multiple chances for wintry
weather and snow through the end of the month and into next.

As of now, today should feature a period of snow which will dust many
areas north of fredericksburg and up into maryland. Areas further
north will see 1 to 2 inches with isolated. Inch spots. Add 2 to 3
inches to that for the mountains.

Thursday night and all day friday look bad! Ice storm criteria should
be met in the piedmont areas with icing looking bad. Snow may be a
factor for northern areas for the first couple of hours but ice is the
bigger threat.

The weekend looks tranquil and then more potential winter weather tuesday.

All for now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Light Snow tomorrow. Ice Storm Friday!

Light Snow will overspread the northern Half of Virginia and Maryland tomorrow. 1 to as much a 3 inches will fall, from Fredericksburg northward with the near 3" occurring in Maryland. 3-5" is expected in the higher, western facing, mountains.

Friday could be a very slippery day with widespread icing issues and maybe some accumulating snows. This could include most of the area, especially west of I-95. More northern areas could squeeze out enough snow at the onset to be  Winter Storm Warning Criteria for snow (>4") and then many areas could be under a storm warning for Ice!

Details still coming on the later week storm, but look for snow to overspread the area quickly tomorrow morning and last until evening.
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Some snow in the north tommorrow. More to come!

Light snow will visit northern va and md tommorrow. 1 to 3" amounts
could fall. More snow in MD than VA.

Friday looks like a snow to a mix scenario. This could still drop a
fair amount of snow Thursday night into Friday.

More to come.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Very warm day to give way to colder and potentially wintry weather!

Highs reached the 70's in many places, but will head to colder and
stormier times.

Clipper: so far I am unimpressed, but the NWS is concerned that models
could be underplaying the slystem. So, in northern VA and MD, there
could be some accumulating snow wednesday.

Thursdat through saturday: a variety of winter weather appears to be
coming. Snow and ice could be an issue for a lot of areas. This is
especially true for the piedmont and mountains. Northern VA and MD,
esecially west of i-95 may see the biggest snow of the season and then
ice on that! A lot of details are still to come!

All for now!

Warm today. Then seasonal. Winter weather later this week

Very warm this morning with fallind temperatures. This week is not
clear cut, but, I have a lot of information showing thursday through
at least saturday could have several rounds of frozen precipitation.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekend to end rainy. Snow/Ice threat increasing for Thursday - Friday

We are rather calm weather wise this weekend with highs slightly below normal today and slightly above tomorrow. By tomorrow afternoon, rain should overspread the area.
Scattered showers will likely turn to snow showers Monday and Monday night in the north and Mountains but that will be after a rather mild start in the 50s and even 60s. A pretty cold week will shape  up and it appears a storm may affect us with a variety of winter weather starting Thursday and lasting into Friday. This looks like a Snow to ice set up for amny Northen Virginia and Maryland areas.

All for now!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice issues remain this morning. Snow this afternoon

The ice continues most of the night and has been really a problem for the central piedmont. Be extremely careful especially on secondary streets and walking!

The snow threat this afternoon and evening looks less impressive than I may have thought, but bears watching as models do not get these scenarios correct often. I am not saying we will get more than foretasted, I am saying it is very hard to forecast.

Why was it so much colder? My only real thoughts on this was that the storm that is to the west was not as strong as foretasted which meant the southerly winds were not as strong as thought. These winds would have warmed the atmosphere and switched things to rain yesterday instead of this morning. Also, the secondary low that could  cause some snow this afternoon and evening coudl affect the scouring of the cold as well.

The week will remain fairly cold with the next threat of wintry weather Sunday night into Tuesday!

All for now!

Ice isses continue for Piedmont - snow tomorrow into tomorrow night!

The cold air will slowly erode, but it is going to take some time so ice will be an issue until morning! In the morning we may see some plain rain before temperatures bottom out a new coastal low forms. There is a chance for 1 - 4" of snow especially I-95 and eastward and especially north of I-95

This was a very strange set up and I missed it as many did! The situation tomorrow is an evolving one and may surprise us again!

I will update as soon as I can!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dicy roads and snow!

Be really careful when you leave! Very icy and a lot of traffic!

Rain will change to snow tomorrow and there will be some accumulations!