Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween with nice weather - True cold possible next weekend!

Today's weather looks really nice! Highs will range from the low 60s to the low 70s for many with plenty of sun. Tonight will again see temps dip to below freezing for many along and west of 95 and that will likely be the case tomorrow night as well. Monday looks very chilly, with highs reaching only the lower 50s in the north and low 60s for the south. Cloudier conditions will begin Wednesday as a serious storm system begins to take shape over the east. As of now this storm will likely stay west of the region or come right through it. We may see some heavy rains based on some predictions or just showers Wednesday through Thursday night. That storm will bring in very cold, polar origin air and, if the growing season had not ended for some, it will likely end it for all by next weekend as night time lows plummet to the 20s for many. Highs could only be in the 40s for the north Friday and Saturday.
Some warming air would likely follow this.

Tomas has strengthened to 100mph winds. He has slowed and may even weaken a bit before restrengthening. Long term he looks to bend north and hit Hispaniola after a few days of slow west, southwest, and the northward movement. He will need to be watched for possible phase potential along the east coast with the trough that is about to set up.

All for now!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beautiful Cool Days - Almost cold Monday! Could there be a storm?

Coolest air of the season has settled and will get reinforced Monday. Sunny cool days and cold nights will be the rule with daytime highs in the 50s North to Low to mid 60s south, except Tomorrow when highs could reach the low 70s in the South. Temps will cool to the around 50 for highs in the north Monday and around 60 in the south. Mid 50s to low 60s appears to then be the rule the rest of the week. There is a chance that the East Coast could see a Nor'easter which would further reinforce the colder air and cause windy weather later this week. If this were to materialize, the first accumulating snows could occur in a larger region of the up slope areas of West Virginia and into New England, including flakes possible in lower elevations at the end of the storm for the north.

The Tropics are super active for so late in the year. We have Shary, a hurricane,  and Tomas, a hurricane as of 11am today and is forecast to slow and become a Category 3 hurricane in the next 5 days. Shary is headed out to sea after a brush with Bermuda, but Tomas is an interesting one. As of now he is just a Caribbean system, but he could eventually phase with a front and that could mean heavy rains for parts of the east, but that is a while yet before it would be possible.

All for now!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Record Low in Plains still causing severe - Sunnier and then cooler weather

The system in the Northern Plains and now Southern Canada has broken records for lowest pressure in the Continental US. The pressure hit 956 mb which is as strong as a Category 3 Hurricane! We are seeing some of this energy translate into severe storms and winds this morning. The front is slowing so Eastern VA, MD, DE, Eastern PA, and Eastern NC remain in a volatile area so more isolated tornadoes could form. The system will slowly pull out today and so North and west could see sun but the Eastern and Southeastern areas may continue in the showers and storms. Temps are already 7 to 10 degrees above normal at 7am for most locations! Highs will be 70s for North and west to even low 80s in the south! Sunnier skies tomorrow and continued mild with temps in the 70s again. MUCH cooler Friday with many staying in the 50s and some low 60s south. The weekend remains cool with 60s for most, but, as of now, Halloween looks dry!

Stay tuned to News and Weather outlets as tornado watches remain in Southeastern VA.

All for now!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upper plains "Hurricane" like low to bring storms/severe

There is a powerful low pressure that is heating through Minnesota that has a pressure comparable to hurricanes. Thus many states have high wind warnings and wind advisories. Also, the system is spawning a huge line of severe weather capable of tornadoes! 10 states have tornado watches and many Severe Storm warnings are posted.. We are east of that system so very warm air is coming into the region. Southern areas will see low to mid 80s for highs today and tomorrow! As the storm's cold front approaches overnight, showers and storms will become numerous and there may be some severe weather as well as strong winds will be possible in some of them. You can see the severe risks today in the Midwest and the region is under a slight risk for severe storms for the overnight. Tomorrow the focus will be for the eastern areas as the front continues eastward. This will need to be watched as there is a huge amount of energy and how it translates to storminess will be wind and severe weather.The main risk will be high winds, but there is a tornado risk as well.

The system will move east and allow precipitation to wind down in the afternoon tomorrow and more unseasonably warm air will remain. Thursday will see a step down in temps, but still slightly above normal temperatures with variably cloudy skies. Friday will be much cooler with temps a bit below normal. Friday night it is likely we will see another risk for frost in areas.

Please stay tuned to radio and news outlets this evening and then potentially into the night. Severe weather overnight is dangerous as many are asleep and unaware of the storms coming.

All for now!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Warm start of the week with showers

Woke up this Monday with temps close to their Normal highs! Temps will
climb to the mid 70s for many. Showers and some thunderstorms will
cross the region. The skies will remain cloudy tomorrow with temps
again in the 70s. Wednesday will see an increase in rain chances with
highs approaching or in to the low 80s. A transition day Thursday with
highs in the low and mid 70s north and upper 70s south, and then
cooler Friday with highs 60 to 65 North and upper 60s south.

Preliminary Halloween thoughts. Highs mid and upper f0s north, upper
60s to low 70s south. Rain chances look low.

All for now.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

2010 - 2011 Winter Outlook

As of now, I am going to go for a very normal temperature but it will be normal based on some warmer and cooler months. I think we start cooler and end warmer to equal out. Snow will be near normal in the north and below normal south. For NC and Southern VA, the winter will be mild and not that snowy, but I expect some icy times. In the Northern regions of VA and MD, mixed bags will be common. I suspect many storms will start as snow and end as rain due to overrunning and storms heading west of the Mountains. We will likely see 2 to 3 snow storms. Nothing like last year! PA will see normal to just above normal snow and normal temps.

I do expect leading into winter that we will see a couple storms that will crush the rest of the drought concerns. Later in the winter, NC and SC may see the dry weather return.

We will see how this goes!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Perfect weather day! Highs in the 70s, light winds, and Sunshine!

It is going to be beautiful today! Get out and enjoy! Chances of rain return Monday Night. Seasonably cool this week with highs about 5 degrees below normal. Cooler Tuesday with rain chances and then Saturday with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s that day!

Winter Weather forecast out look with slowly be posted this week. I will highlight it in my posts. How accurate am I? Well, not all that great! I will explain my thoughts on winter at least and then we will see!

One thing to note, it will NOT be as snowy as last year!


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nice and sunny today with breezes. Temps will be seasonal within a few degrees

Sunny weather to persist today with winds from the departing Nor'easter that caused snow for the first time up in Northern New England and New York. Nicer weather tomorrow and near normal. Nice week on tap with near seasonal temps.

Friday, October 01, 2010

What a storm! Cool Blow Dryer for today - Cool and dry to continue north -Some showers south Monday

Some serious record breaking rains the last few days. The heat in the ocean was tapped and seriously reversed the drought in many locations in 1 shot! That is what happens when heat is out of balance - it tries to balance. It would have been better to have been smaller storms over longer periods of time. Today, as cooler air starts to overtake the area winds will be breezy and peaking in the 30s at times. It will become mostly sunny and nice by afternoon. The cooler air will be felt tomorrow with highs in the 60s and lower 70s and then MUCH cooler as a dry front crosses the region and brings in the coolest air of the season. Highs Sunday for many will be in the 50s in the north to mid 60s at best elsewhere. Night time temps will be in the 40s, but cooler mountain areas MAY flirt with upper 30s for the first time this season!

Temps in the mid 60s to lower 70s to continue into next week. The front moving through Sunday will get stuck in the south so rain showers could start Monday for the Southern half of VA down into NC Monday through Wednesday Morning. That front may also have a low come up the coast Wednesday and with that the rain will stop south, but may increase north on Wednesday into Thursday.

Enjoy drying out the next few days!

All for now!