Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cold tody! Snow hopes still dwindling! Spring? When will it arrive

Well, today it is downright freezing with the wind and the temps in the 30s, Snow yesterday made it to the coast of even South Carolina! Just a crazy year for the south and snow. The north did well on the Blizzard and are getting a sizable system today, All in all, the middle of the Mid Atlantic has had the worst when it comes to snow starvation. What made it worse was models that constantly teased that the future would hold a better pattern and snow was very likely in that pattern. No luck! So we may have to wait another 7 months before snow hopes really return. I am not discounting the snow this coming Friday that MAY fall and cause some nuisance, but it does not look like a snow storm.

In the long range near normal temps will come with quick cool downs after storms. In the long range there are signs of a serious storm that could cause heavy rains again for the region.

This week - looks colder than normal. A chance of Rain Tuesday and then a wintry mix possible for the immediate Piedmont areas and the mountains Friday into Saturday. Highs will be in the 40s and 50s starting tomorrow and then 30s again for the colder valleys and Mountains Friday into Saturday.

I hope I am wrong. The above is based of models and they have struggled, so maybe another system is there that I am not seeing!

All for now!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow for the Carolinas, Cold, snow hopes dwindle for DC area

Snow is ready to fly or has already been seen in SE VA and North Carolina. Models hint at an almost convective (meaning thunderstorm like) like of snow this evening for areas as far south as South Carolina! Temperatures right above the ground look warm, so most accumulations will be on the grass. I did my final call last night here:

Next up? Cold and wind for tomorrow with temps in the 30s! Another rain chance appears in the region Tuesday and then a southern system needs watching later this week. This may not be as big a threat for snow as ice for some areas.. The system is also not as impressive as it once looked so I am not that certain there will be a big system by the time it arrives as it may be weakening! 

Seriously getting low on time for any big winter storms this year in the Central Mid Atlantic. Will keep watching.

The Web Site will continue to be transformed and hopefully have as much information as needed soon!

All for now!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Rain and snow but how much|much colder weekend

I am barely getting time this morning for an updated. The new look of the web site should be going live today. Then I will fill in all gaps. Tonight's front will bring a mix of rain and snow and then eventually some snow for parts of the region. I expect not much more than a dusting to a half inch tonight and then we look for cyclogenesis (a new low) off the SE coast. AS OF NOW, the low looks like it will cause the most precip into the eastern third of VA and Eastern NC. Snow and a mix may be the outcome. How much accumulates? Some places could see 2-3", but I would be save an say half inch to some isolated 3 inches. There MAY be even more and this system bears watching. After 50s in many locations today, tomorrow, 30s will rule and windy. 30s also Sunday.

A noon update coming.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some snow some regions tonight| Cold and dry weekend! Long term snow or spring?

Not much snow to speak of tonight! We MAY get a little dusting at the end. I would be more interested in areas along and east of the bay for a burst at the end as the storm gets cranking off the coast. The system is not well organized. The air is marginally cold and would need some heavier amount to cool the air for snow. All in all, wet flakes mixed in. The mountains, on the other hand, could see 2-4" and along the MD/PA border counties I would still say 1 to isolated 3" amounts, especially Northeast Maryland and SE PA into NJ.

This weekend has turned and just looks cold and dry.

**MAYBE** one more chance around the 21st or 22nd. Spring is getting really close!

All for now!