Friday, June 26, 2009

Severe Stormsa starting to Fire across Norther VA and MD

Expect more as the evening continues. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is up for Northern VA. Maryland, An Much of Eastern PA.

All for now!
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot and a little humid - More humid tomorrow - Very warm weekend

Today and tomorrow should see temps at 90 to as high as 95 degrees. Winds will not be southerly but start to shift tomorrow so the humidity will increase and then afternoon storms are possible tomorrow, some could be severe.

The weekend stays warm with highs 85 to 90. Sunday will feature an increased chance of storms.

Next week will see temps move to seasonal with sunny conditions returning.

All for now.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Nice dry stretch of weather!

After weeks of relentless rain chances, we have a change this week! Dry conditions with Temperatures pretty much hovering in the 80s to lower 90s.

Northern areas (Frederickburg to Charlottesville to Chincoteague) low to mid 80s through Wednesday. Near 90 through Friday.

South, mid and Upper 80s through Wednesday, 90 - 93 degrees Thursday through Saturday.

As of now, calling for a Sunny week, but Wednesday could hold an isolated storm, and maybe a better chance of a shower or storm over Southwestern VA and North Carolina Friday.

All for now! Enjoy the weather!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day - Happy Summer

A few showers may still make today a little wet. Windy conditions also. Astronomical summer begins today!

80s area wide (upper 80s south, lower 80s North)

A drier stretch until Wednesday when a few storms may be present. 80s for the most part, but low 90s possible by Wednesday in the south.

More to come!

Happy Father's Day Dads!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Severe weather likely this afternoon

As the sun heats up the atmosphere and a cold front moves through, strong and severe thunderstorms should form. Please stay tuned to news and radio outlets for watches and/or warnings!

All for now!
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

HOT weather on the way! Storminess too!

Rainy in northern Virginia and Maryland this morning! Showers and storms should clear the area later this morning making way for a very warm to hot day! Temp will soar to the mid 80s north and the Low and Mid 90s across the southern regions. Hot conditions will remain through Saturday along with rain chances as showers and storms will be possible, especially Friday Night and Saturday. Temps will be upper 80s to mid 90s across the region.

Though drier air does make it to the area, widespread 80s to low 90s seem common through mid next week, about 80 northern areas and about 90 in the southern parts of Virginia and North Carolina.

All for now

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy and cool today- warming tomorrow

As noted yesterrday, cool rainconditions today. A warm front will push
through the area by tomorrow morning and more humid and warm air will
follow through Saturday. Risk of showers and storms will also be
possible. Today's highs will be 60s North and some 70s South. 80s
tomorrow. Upper 80s to 90 Friday and Saturday!

Drier for Sunday.

Next week we have another chance of soaking rains.

All for now.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rainy south of Charlottesville to Fredericksburg and south - Cool and Cloudy north

A lot of rain had caused some flooding in Southwestern Virginia and most of Western North Carolina. Rain looks to continue in these regions while the Northern third of Virginia into Maryland will be cloudy and cool with maybe a few showers. Unseasonably cool with highs mainly in the 70s.

A repeat tomorrow on cooler conditions, but rain will make as spread further north. Highs in places will struggle out of the 60s and others low to mid 70s. Again, with higher rain amounts in the south, flooding is possible.

Summer like conditions make a return and last straight through the weekend with highs rebounding to the 80s Thursday and then mid and upper 80s to low 90s through the weekend. Humid air with afternoon storms will be possible daily.

All for now!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Meso Convective Complex across southern 2/3rds of VA

A meso convective complex (MCC) has developed over the southern 2/3rds
of Virginia. Rain will come to an end fown there a bit later today.
For nothern areas, temps will be cooler with highs in the 70s. Cooler
air for region the next few days as highs remain in the 70s and maybe
60s Wednesday, especially in the north. Moist air could mean night
time drizzle. Winds along the coast to increase and dangerous rip
tides will form. Scattered showers and isolated storm chances increase
Thursday and temps rebound to around 80

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Storms possible again today - Some severe - some with heavy rains - Not a Storm Free weekend Forecast!

Yesterday's rains occurred over the southern half of Virginia and over North Carolina. Today, scattered convection will again fire across the region with some severe and heavy rain.

The weekend looks less dry, and I could kick myself as I felt that a clear weekend was not entirely possible. Unlike recent days with a high chance of storms, chances will lessen. It is typical summer time when afternoon storms could fire and thus we have a continued chance of storms.Things will finally dry out, based on current models, by Monday.

Highs will remain in the 80s through the weekend.. upper 80s south, lower 80s north. Of note, after this stalled front pushes further south, Virginians could see a much nicer few days with highs in the 70s!

A return to storms will begin Wednesday next week, area wide Thursday.

The Tropics remain quiet for now.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Severe weather and heavy rains

More Severe storms today with very heavy rains. High winds and hail the likely threat but isolated tornadoes possible. More showers and storms tomorrow before a drier weekend. Some concern for rain returning Sunday. More to come on that. Upper 70s to low 80s today and tomorrow. 80 to 85 this weekend.

All for Now
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Severe Today! Join me on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace

With a frontal boundary around the PA/MD border and moist unstable air, thunderstorms are a good bet across the region today. They do not look as widespread as yesterday. Today's best threat will be along and west of the mountains. I do suspect other storms will be severe as well. High winds and hail will be the biggest threat from these storms.

Tonight after midnight looks like even more rain possible. Tomorrow may be the rainiest day of the week and I suspect a Flood Watch, especially in the northern Virginia and Maryland regions as Flash Flood values are very low! To see the Precipitation outlook for the next few days:

It is possible that the weekend will be a dry one. Less chances of storms in the North Friday.Saturday should be dry for most. Sunday will see a return to more isolated storms, especially in the south. Temperatures will be around 80 north and mid 80s south.

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All for now!


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Severe Storms are popping up all over Northern VA and MD! Severe watch up until 9pm in these regions. MANY warnings already

Severe Storms are popping up all over Northern VA and MD! Severe watch up until 9pm in these regions. MANY warnings already

Thunderstorms blooming this morning. More likely as day progresses

I already see a few warnings for Severe Storms and in the DC area the storms are actually building this morning!! After the morning batch, more storms are likely this afternoon as the atmosphere should destabilize further. I also suspect that there will be will be severe storms with high winds and hail being the main threat. Please stay tuned to media and web outlets for watches and/or warnings.


Monday, June 08, 2009

Goshen tornado ranked EF-1 for now

Back to the vortex 2 information. The tornado caught in WY was
initially ranked an EF-1

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Chance of storms a bit better than first thought.

Today we will see temps in the mid and upper 80s. In the north we have
a better chance of storms than first thought.

Tomorrow has even a better chance and will likely contain some severe weather.

All for now!

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Storms a plenty this week!

After Today's nice weather,a  turn to more stormy patter sill ensue! We will see a daily chance of storms. Some could be Severe tomorrow and Tuesday. Highs will generally be in the 80s, but people getting north of a back door cold front will have a chance for much cooler weather.

Daily a chance of storms will continue until next weekend. So why has it been so wet? I will be looking into this over the next few days and see if I can provide some insight.

If you have not checked out the Youtube videos I posted yesterday, I recommend taking a look!

All for now!


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Vortex 2 and the TWC capture a Tornado. One of the best sets of videos I have seen!

The research on this one will be amazing! Historical really. This is like when Dorothy went up on the movie Twister but more realistic! Awesome to watch!
There are more parts, but the above gets you what you want to see.
Dr. Steve Forbes gives commentary and it is very interesting. Very good information, awesome vidoe, and teh research from Vortex 2

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Heavy Rains and Severe Weather today!

The region will be in a volatile set up this afternoon with the possibility of multiple severe storms that could produce damaging winds, hail, and a lot of rain. Please stay tuned to media and weather outlets for the latest news as Watches and Warnings are likely today.

Of Note: A Flash Flood Watch goes into effect at noon today and last through late evening.
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