Monday, March 29, 2010

Wet start. Warm end to the week.

Wet start to the week. Heavy rains last night will give way to far
less rain today, but showers and cool temperatures will remain.
Showers are still possible tomorrow until we begin the warm up! Upper
70s and low to mid 80s are possible this coming weekend.

All for now.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Flooding likely for rivers! A lot of rain on the way!

If you have been reading the headlines the heavy rain event that has been forecast for days is now starting to truly take shape. A strong low will bring copious amounts of water to the region and rain will pick up and become heavy tonight through a lot of tomorrow.The question is how much rain. I was fairly certain a 3 to 5 inch rain was in the works, but I am thinking 1 to 3inches, more like the 2 to 3 is more likely with isolated higher amounts in the north. We will see. I am now thinking north of the area up into Southern New England may see the bulls eye. No matter what, the moist ground, melting snow pack will contribute to flooding! Also, of note, the winds will be high enough to bring down trees so power outages will be an issue. Drizzly sunny with a gradual clearing Monday will round out the short range!

All for now!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Flooding rains becoming a real possibility Thursday through Saturday

Not much time (as usual) but flooding rains appear likely this coming Friday and Saturday as a slow moving, very powerful system comes though. Rain could be in the 3 to 5 inches range. Snow pack from the mountains will melt to exacerbate a potentially severe flooding episode!

Please stay alert! Floods kill more people than all other types of weather events!

More to come!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Warmer - Spring DOWNPOURS likely later this week

Well, after a very high precipitation winter, later this week we look to get potentially flooding rains! We will need to watch the situation as we get closer to the event, but several inches of rain could occur starting Thursday and into Friday. The weekend looks showery. Until Wednesday upper 50s to even a possible 70 and above reading is possible in the area. 50s North, 60s to near 70 south!

Enjoy the weather while it is sunshine!

All for now!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Beautiful weekend on tap! Temps to jump to 60+ for most Monday

4 weeks ago we were starting the big dig out from Snowmaggedon! I finally posted about 100 pictures to the Mid Atlantic Facebook page! should get you there!

We have a beautiful day on tap with widespread 50s for us all! Tomorrow some will see 60+ temps and then Monday most folks outside of the Mountains will see temps hit 60 or above.

By Wednesday we could see rain on and off last up to, and maybe into next weekend. So get out and enjoy the nice weekend!

Longer term, we could again see a cool down and parts of the region may still deal with some snow before the month is over!

All I have for now!

Look for Mid Atlantic Weather to expand a bit soon and gear up for Spring!

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


After an amazing winter (about 82 inches in my back yard!) we are stating spring! First I want to say that this was just an an awesome winter! I look back at photos (which I will get on line) and I do not even remember! It was a month ago now that the prospects for a seriously enormous storm started to really seem like a sure thing! just amazing!

Meteorological Spring starts on March 1st! The last 24 hours were a bit tricky. Spring storms are tough and the right elements did not pan out for a widespread accumulating snow! Please know that meteorology is not an exact science! It is so hard to predict! This year was a bit easier than many when the big storms were coming! Why? Well the conditions were easy to see and well modeled. I may take some time to document each event, as a reminder and a way to look back in later years and just be in awe!

This Spring will be tough to get warm and remain somewhat wet. The El Nino pattern that caused our incredible storms is not gone yet! The colder high latitude blocking which was also a key has retreated and broken down. It may exert itself again briefly. 2 storms may affect us.. one in about a week and another a few days later. One note, it is possible some snow could occur with the second system and some cooler air after the first storm.

All for now!


Monday, March 01, 2010

Snow will more likely be an issue for Southeastern VA, NC, SC, and GA

The trends are there that this storm will not make it up the coast that far. There are many variables as to why:
1. The Low Pressure of New England is strengthening. If it had/would not have and if it moves out, the issue will be removed
2. The system DOES phase, but not until the system is past the East Coast. This will cause the Low to miss the possibility of coming up the coast
3. What precip falls will fall into marginally cold air which means melting and not all snow except maybe overnight.

All that to be said, this year we have tended to end up with some accumulating snow from southern systems, but this looks just too far south.

Today we head to 50 or above for the area. Tomorrow with clouds, 40s look likely into Wednesday. Then we see a gradual warming after Thursday.

By next Sunday and Monday temps will again be in the 50s and areas could see 60s in a bout a week that have not seen them for a long while.

All for now!