Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nice day with higher heat and humidity on the way!

The weekend has been awesome weather wise. It will end in the 80s for most today. Temps will start to rise with higher humidities tomorrow. Temps will soar into the 90s and stay there for Central and south VA and all of NC.

Storms chances will increase tomorrow, and last at least through Thursday. Isolated severe is always possible.

In the tropics a system that emerges in the Bay of Campache may be able to achieve tropical depression status before it could help drench parts of drought stricken Texas. Not so sure it can develop too much.

All for now!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some storms for Father's Day

Happy Father's day! My dad passed this year, but I have to say that it is my dad that fostered my love for weather! Listening to storms roll in on the back of our screened porch in Richmond is an awesome memory! Happy Father's day dad! We will have some storms today. The Storm Prediction Center has half the lower part of the state under a slight risk for severe. This will need to be monitored. Scattered storms today.

Things will heat up tomorrow until Thursday. A strong front should be coming into the area Thursday and Friday which will need to be monitored for Severe. This will cool temps from the low and mid 90s all week to low and mid 80s Friday into Saturday.

All for now.

Friday, June 10, 2011

HOT weather continues

Life became hectic again so updates slowed. Sorry all. Temps continue
WAY above normal, but I see a break coming and, this time, that break
may last a week or so. Until then expect heat and hunidity with
afternoon showers and storms today, Saturday, and Sunday. Storms may
be severe so we will need to stay alert. Highs in the low and mid 90s
today, upper 80s north to mid 90s south Saturday and Sunday. Highs
will drop to around 80 North to the upper 80s south Monday as cooler
air settles in for a while. The Monday forecast should repeat through
Thursday of next week with drier air and high 80 to 85 north and 85 to
90 south.

All for now.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lower humidities and cooler north - slipping south tomorrow!

A front came through and dew points are dropping and temps feel
Comfortable, especially up here in Northern VA! Temps will drop into
the 40s and 50s for many tonight! That is news worth celebrating after
record highs and stifling humidities. Temps will be in the mid 80s
north but still 90 to 95 south half of VA and into NC.
Tomorrow highs will be 80 to 85 north and central areas, while NC
still sees upper 80s.

Mid 80s return north with mid and upper 80s central and around 90 south.

90s south and mid and upper 80s north on Sunday. That trend looks to
hold until Wednesday of next week.

All for now.

Of note: Tropics have an area of interest in the southwestern
Caribbean sea. Slow development is possible for this system.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Strong to severe weather with heat!

So we will see temps again in the 90 to 95 degree range with strong to
severe storms later this afternoon. Temps will come down quite a bit
tomorrow but we will really notice the lower humidity. Temps will be
85 to 90. Temps in the 80 to 85 degree range for Friday and Saturday
looks nice. Highs will jump to upper 80s to low 90s Sunday with
another chance of storms.

Stay cool and stay alert for possible Severe.

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