Thursday, August 20, 2009

Steamy with a good chance of rain!

The weather is almost a carbon copy forecast. Hot temps around 90 with
showers and storms a good bet this afternoon. Due to clouds many will
only see the upper 80s for temps tomorrow. Some variables will make it
possible for severe weather tomorrow. Saturday has a somewhat better
chance of severe storms with a front approaching. Highs will be in
the upper 80s. Then a break! Temps to cool by about 5 degrees, but the
bigger story will be the lower humidity! That will be the case until
Wednesday when more showers and storms are possible with the next

Bill lost a little of his punch as maximum winds came down to 125 mph,
but he is still a monster! His approach towards the east coast will
definitely have a high wave impact! Some interaction with the
approaching front could also enhance precipitation, but I will need to
take a closer look.

The tropics settle down for now after Bill.

All for now.

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